Design Process & After Care

Design Process

We work closely with hospital staff and the design of all our products is managed by a dedicated and experienced Project Manager in accordance with NHS Trust guidelines.

  • We always carry out a detailed Site Visit to assess the Trust's needs and to see first hand what is required
  • Draft Map, Guide & Information Board designs are developed in discussion with the Trust and amended by our in-house Design Team until approved
  • Regular updates of Maps and Guides are possible, as required

    Any design elements of the Maps and Guides would be subject to the usual commercial Copyright protection. However, we are happy for Trusts to use them for their own internal purposes, subject to our prior approval.

    After Care

    After installation it’s not just a case of “fit and forget”. As part of our quality service ethos and still completely FREE, we re-visit hospitals on a regular basis - at least once every four months – to check and maintain our products.

    These checks ensure that Maps, Information Boards and Posters remain clean,  tidy and to a high standard of repair. We also replenish Patient Information Guides when we visit.

    Design Process

    Hospital Map Design

    Hospital Guides