One of the most significant issues currently facing hospital staff is increasing financial pressure. Head of Policy Nigel Edwards of the NHS Confederation is reported as warning "urgent action needs to be taken to find innovative ways of making the service more efficient before the financial pressure increases."

Although not always the most urgent priority, Wayfinding and Patient Information strategies have an important place on the agenda in the majority of hospital trusts. Identifying the necessary funds for implementation of such non-clinical strategies may well be a challenge when capital investment is already being squeezed.

As a solution to such challenges, over 180 acute and community hospitals throughout England and Wales have now taken advantage of the free design and provision of Wayfinding systems, Patient Information Points and sponsored poster sites provided by Premier Concepts. Premier Concepts not only provides these sponsored products free of charge, but with the majority of projects there is also an opportunity for considerable income generation.

Sponsorship with a strong focus on charities, public bodies such as the Police and Fire Service, local authorities and appropriate health & care related local businesses, is always submitted for approval by the hospital. Hospital trusts reluctant to allow ‘High Street' advertising, have confidence in the style of public information promoted by Premier Concepts. Helen Adams, Managing Director of Premier Concepts comments "We take great pride in our professional approach to sponsorship, it must be appropriate for a health setting. To meet NHS requirements for accurate and clear maps and respond to preferences across a wide range of design styles, our designers can combine important detailed information with the need for all information to be user friendly. We can offer a depth of experience in map design, so involvement of hospital staff is kept to the minimum necessary."

The full range of Wayfinding Maps, supporting Mini Guides, Patient Information Boards and other information products, also testimonials from hospital clients can be seen on our website Please contact Paul Tyler This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to find out how we can generate income for your hospital while providing a solution to your wayfinding & patient information requirements.