In order to deliver Patient Information on the Kidderminster Hospital site, Premier Concepts, who have worked with NHS hospitals throughout England & Wales since 1990, installed Wayfinding Maps at three main entrances to the Treatment centre. For facilities inside the Treatment Centre, Matron Amanda Moore asked Premier Concepts to install Information Boards in the busiest waiting areas.

Kidderminster NHS Treatment Centre opened at Kidderminster Hospital in 2004 and both staff and patients appreciate the high quality surroundings and facilities. Communication and the availability of Patient Information is also given priority, patients comment that this is very helpful.

Following consultation with hospital staff, it was decided Information Boards that combined a white board area with a pin board would provide exactly what was needed for use on a day to day basis. The boards were tailor made for the Treatment Centre and assist the staff who need to alert patients on key information.

The external Wayfinding Maps & the Patient Information Boards in the key waiting areas were all provided totally free of charge, and also generate an annual income for the Hospital.

Free provision of products and services to the NHS is supported by limited sponsorship identified by Premier Concepts but approved by the trust. The sponsorship is always appropriate to the NHS setting and has a strong focus on health, care, education and the local community, with the greatest percentage coming from public bodies and charities.

Helen Adams, Managing Director of Premier Concepts comments "Although the economic climate has been challenging, we have gained a significant number of new hospital clients and are able to bring our experience and expertise to a wide range of projects from large acute teaching hospitals, to small community hospitals, clinics and health centres. Commitment from appropriate sponsors supports hospital projects, but where preferred we can of course provide all our products on a non-sponsored basis."

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