Following discussions with Mike Cowlishaw, Director of Facilities at Stepping Hill Hospital, Premier Concepts was delighted to provide a new system of Wayfinding Maps for the hospital, supported by sponsorship and at no cost to the Trust.

Rewarded for the highest standards of care, with its three star status, the Trust now plans to develop the physical environment to the same level, with its successful application to become an NHS Foundation Hospital.

Accessible Patient Information

Premier Concepts designed and produced maps for 17 different locations around the hospital. As part of a strategic approach to patient information, wayfinding maps make the hospital more accessible for patients. Mike Cowlishaw is confident: "We aim to support and care for patients throughout their visit to the hospital site, being able to find their way around easily with clear and accurate maps is both efficient and re-assuring. The map system installed by Premier Concepts assists the flow of patients and visitors around the site and new maps can be produced when the site develops in the future"