Premier Concepts has many years of experience working exclusively with the NHS and although many hospitals are in the throes of expansion, there is no reason to delay provision of maps. If the hospital is still in operation people will need to find their way around.

The Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital at Margate, like very many hospitals around the country, is expanding and upgrading its facilities. Ian Gregory, Estates Manager at the hospital is committed to providing directions for patients as a priority during a period of change and development. He is also keen to ensure that once the re-organisation work is complete, the patients will be able to navigate all the new services easily.

Ian explains: "The developments are exciting but patients can be confused by change, we needed a map system to guide patients and visitors around. I now have an experienced supplier who can update the maps when the building work is complete. Premier Concepts has installed 21 sponsored maps both inside and in the car park areas - they have taken care of everything for us and it was all free of charge!"

Premier Concepts works with over 180 hospitals throughout England and Wales. During periods of building and development, essential Wayfinding information sometimes goes to the bottom of the agenda. Managing Director, Helen Adams recounts: "We have always worked closely with hospital staff to provide accurate and easily understood maps, so we are happy to agree a schedule to update the maps as stages in the building work are completed."