The staff at Diana, Princess of Wales Children's Hospital in Birmingham are justly proud of the family-friendly environment they work to create for the patients and visitors. Hospital visits with children can be challenging, so any information that helps to make the visit run smoothly is a priority. Les Danks, Head of Facilities for the Trust, feels it is essential that parents and visitors can easily find their way around the hospital complex. "We want to avoid anyone getting lost or feeling confused about the location of the different facilities in the hospital. Clear, easily read maps are essential," comments Les.

In response to the requirements of the hospital, Premier Concepts installed 21 directional maps in key locations around the site, at no cost to the Trust. The maps are supported by sponsorship approved by the Trust.

Helen Adams, Managing Director of Premier Concepts, remarks: "We gained sponsorship from a range of clients relevant to the specialised services at the hospital. The maps are colour coded which is always helpful, but particularly where some visitors and patients do not have English as a first language. We also provided a limited number of poster sites, each featuring one sponsor, and like the maps, these were all selected in line with guidelines set by the Trust."

Premier Concepts continues to work with an increasing number of NHS hospitals and health centres throughout England and Wales. "We provide information products for both acute and community hospitals in addition to a number of the larger health centres around the country. We are very pleased to discuss the particular requirements of any Trust that is keen to develop their patient information," adds Helen.