The full range of Premier Concepts products can be supplied on a paid for basis when appropriate...

In todays fast moving scene many hospitals are planning expansion and a greatly developed range of services that may include working with other community sectors. NHS trusts recognise the importance of their own "corporate image". As a supplier of information products to the NHS since 1990, Premier Concepts has experience of working on projects where the trust requires its information to be very succinct, condensed into a small publication where the identity of the hospital is clear and unmistakable.

When Premier Concepts discussed options for a Patient Information Guide with the West Berkshire Community Hospital, the trust was committed to a very factual leaflet for patients, lightweight and kept to a simple three fold DL format. The trust recognised that detailed hospital information together with a strong corporate image on the front face would take up all available space. The answer was to commission Premier Concepts to design and produce a guide without seeking sponsorship, and for the Trust to commission the guide on a paid for basis.

Premier Concepts brought its customary expertise to the project, as Planning & Commissioning Manager, Catherine Webster recalls: "Premier Concepts produced a design that created just the impression we were looking for. The front fold has a contemporary line drawing of the hospital entrance, clearly identifying the Trust and the hospital site the document relates to."

Although widely known for provision of sponsored information products to the NHS, Helen Adams, Managing Director of Premier Concepts comments: "We work solely with the NHS and are as enthusiastic about paid for commission work, as we are about projects that require us to gain sponsorship. Our designers work to a tight brief and can appreciate and reflect the aims of the Trust in the final design. The full range of Premier Concepts products can be supplied on a paid for basis when appropriate, but alternatively produced free of charge when supported by approved sponsorship."